Sizing Tips


Rings can be ordered in just about any size. We try to keep sizes 4 – 10 and every half size in between in stock on most rings. However, rings can also be ordered in 1/4 sizes.

Please note there will be a gold surcharge on gold rings over size 9 ½.

When ordering a ring keep in mind that wider rings generally feel snugger in the same size than narrower rings. For example a size 7 ½ 12mm wide band may feel about the same as a size 7 in a 6mm wide band or a 6 ¾ in a 3mm wide band.


Bracelets come in a variety of sizes. To determine your size for a cuff style bracelet measure at the base of your wrist. Use a seamstress tape or masking tape to get an accurate measure (every 1/8th of an inch counts). A medium cuff generally fits most women. However, there are plenty of exceptions. This guide will help you order the proper fit.

  • 5.5” – XS
  • 5.75″ – S
  • 6”- M minus
  • 6.25″ – M
  • 6.5″ – M plus
  • 6.75″ – L
  • 7″ – XL

To determine your size for a bangle style bracelet, measure your hand at its largest point. Squeeze your pinky finger and thumb together as if you are putting on a bangle and then measure snugly at the widest point around the hand. This guide will help you order the proper fit.

  • 7.5”- XS
  • 7.75” – S
  • 8”- M minus
  • 8.25”- M
  • 8.5” – M plus
  • 8.75” – L
  • 9”- XL